• Auto-Pause Pause the Culture™ V1's automatically via Integrated Motion Sensors by Simply Removing or Placing around Neck. No Buttons Required.
  • Swipe Technology Control your Song and Volume by Simply Swiping the Right Ear-Cap.
  • Noise Cancellation Create a Truly Immersive Audio Experience via Our Lab-Tested Active Noise Cancellation, Providing Best-in-Class 98% Cancellation Effectiveness.
  • Chat Easily Someone Trying to Chat In-Person & Prefer to Keep the Headphones On? You're Covered! Suspend Noise Cancellation, Dampen Audio, & Amplify Outside Sound for that Convo by Pressing the "Ambient" Button.
  • Extended Battery Life If 20+ Hours of Continuous Wireless Play isn't Enough, Go Old School & Plug in the Included Aux Cable & Enjoy till Your Next Charge.
  • 5 Year Warranty If Something Goes Wrong, we’ll Make it Right! Now, if your Culture™ V1's Sleep with the Fishes, well... that’s a Different Story.
  • Phone Call Ready Have an Incoming Call? No Problem! Answer or Reject Calls with Crystal Clear Quality via 2 Integrated Omni-Directional Microphones with the Press of a Button.