About Us

Culture was founded to bring fairness in the "premium" headphone market & pair that product with a cause that battles an issue close to our hearts: Child Poverty (Check out our "Compassion Program" tab).

We were frustrated with fashion-forward, premium headphones and their outrageously expensive prices. Do these price points reflect the true manufacturing costs? Are they fair? We reverse-engineered a few pairs & found the answer to be resoundingly.. no.

So, we did something about it & developed a set of "smart" headphones that provide immersive, studio quality audio with best-in-class 98% active noise cancellation. This performance is paired with lithium ion batteries that pump out 20-40 hours of play-time (phone-call ready too!) per charge. Enjoy the Culture V1s wirelessly (bluetooth) or with an included wire. Plus, the wired connection continues working even after our industry leading wireless battery life dies!

We didn't stop there. The Culture V1's also combine a unique combination of "smart" features not found with the "big guys". A prime example is the integrated proximity sensors that automatically pause & play your music when you take them off & put them back on. You can also control your volume and skip songs simply by swiping the right ear-pad of the headphones.

Plus, if anything goes wrong.. our 5-Year Warranty has your back! We can't wait to get you in a pair!

-Team Culture