A significant portion of Culture's net profits battle dangerous child poverty in regions of the world that place children in especially vulnerable situations.

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Click each photo to discover the name of our "Culture Kids" (please consider praying for them too!) & additional poverty alleviation projects supported through each purchase.

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In addition to investing in the lives of children through monthly sponsorships, Culture also partners with Compassion’s Survival Initiative. The initiative focuses on promoting the development and survival of the most vulnerable babies, while also providing education and support for the mother or primary caregiver. The mission of "Survival" is to ensure that the critical needs of babies and mothers are being met immediatelyScroll down to learn more about the initiative and how you can help Compassion International in making a difference.


Where: Deliverance Church Kaloleni, Kaloleni, Kenya (Southwestern, Kenya)

Length of Program: 1 Year (Funded Fully through 10/4/2019)

Caregivers: 13

Babies: 14

Cases of Acute Malnutrition: 1

A primary focus of this center is the education of the caregivers. While receiving all the benefits of this Survival intervention are incredibly important for each beneficiary, education has been selected as a focus for a few different reasons. Educating caregivers allows them to be economically self-sufficient and gives them the best tools to care for their children, especially within the first year of each child’s life. Mothers in this community typically have their first child at a very young age, which does not allow them to continue in their traditional education. Allowing young moms to come together and learn and grow together, not only grows them in their education but in community. Support through community, the education each caregiver receives, the medical care provided and the supplies they are given can completely change the trajectory of each beneficiary’s life.

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